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edited August 24, 2009 4:34AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions

The fact that I just installed v4 and carried on as if nothing had happened is a great accolade to useability

Improvements are starting to become more obvious as I work more with it , the Beta actully did the product a bit of a disservice as so much was clearly not complete at that stage, and I tended to get frustrated at bits missing from 3.9 , but I persevered.

I love the SQL Format Styles , previously I have had SQL Prompt set up in one way and SQL Refactor in another so that I could choose between formats. For example when actually developing an SP , its nice to see more code on the screen so I use the columns on new lines option to false , when I'm done I prefer for maitenance reasons to have all columns on new lines so I reformat to new lines true , I can now do that as 2 styles -- a great improvement.

Also has everyone spotted that Ctr K Y works in VS 2008 now , it didn't in V3.9

All in all after several years of using SQL Prompt , it has again taken a leap forward in making my life easier thanks to the Team



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