SQL Server Managment Studio freezes on startup only.

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I looked for this problem in the forum but cant find anyone complaining about the same issue. My problem (and others here at my company) have a problem where most of the time when you start SSMS it shows the graphic and sits there. You can wait for 10 minutes it will not proceed. You have to go into task manager and kill the process. You can then start SSMS without a problem. The computers configured almost identically that do not have the SQL Prompt Package installed do not have this problem and have never experienced a single startup freeze. On the computers with the freeze problem, once you restart SSMS there are no issues, no lockups, no errors. I just setup a new laptop (downloaded the most recent install of SQL Toolbelt) and the problem occured the first time I fired up SSMS after installing SQL Toolbelt. Any ideas?

SQL Prompt:
SSMS: 9.00.4035.00




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