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The must have tool for .Net developers

MartinHMartinH Posts: 82 Bronze 2
This new version of Ants Memory Profiler 5 is an incredible tool, so easy to use and super fast.

Until now I have used a 3rd party tool for tracking down memory leaks, but this tool takes memory leak hunting to another level.

An absolute must have for any serious .Net developer.

Really great job guys, well done.


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    On behalf of the Developer team here- thank you.
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    mihiesmihies Posts: 71 Bronze 4
    I didn't take much time to go in depth, but it looks like a great piece of work indeed. Great work, guys.
    Miha Markic [MVP C#, INETA Country Leader for Slovenia]
    Righthand .net consulting and software development
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    Are you guys planning to make version for C++? Man.. I will place a preorder now.
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    I'm afraid there will only be a .NET profiler. At the current time we only deal in that technology. Glad you like it.

    Sorry! :oops:

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    LKucherLKucher Posts: 1 New member
    How does it actually work? Is it like 3d-part software or it's something like extensions in Chrome?
    Sorry if this is stupid question, I had only a little experience (for myself, not professional) working in Visual Studio. Btw, here's a list of tools I found on the WEB:
    •     Microsoft Web Platform Installer
    •     Web Essentials for Visual Studio
    •     NuGet
    •     Visual Studio Gallery
    •     LINQPad
    •     .NET Reflector
    •     ReSharper
    •     ELMAH
    •     NDepend
    •     SQL Complete
    •     GitHub Extension for Visual Studio
    What do you think of them?

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    KaleemCubixKaleemCubix Posts: 1 New member

    One must-have tool for .NET developers is Visual Studio. This comprehensive development environment supports various programming languages and has a robust ecosystem. It is loaded with features that aid in debugging, code navigation, testing, and much more, which makes it incredibly valuable for any .NET project.

    That being said, tools are only as good as the professionals using them. If you're struggling to find local talent or are dealing with limited resources, you might want to consider the option to hire remote developers. These remote professionals can bring their .NET expertise to your project, regardless of geographical location.

    Remote developers typically have diverse experience with different tools and technologies. Their vast exposure can provide a wider perspective and innovative solutions. By choosing to hire remote developers, you get access to global talent, which can help you in successfully executing your .NET project with efficiency and quality.

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    davidnoeldavidnoel Posts: 1 New member

    I've heard a lot of buzz about ANTS Memory Profiler lately, and your review is definitely persuasive. As a .NET developer working in digital transformation agency myself, spending hours tracking down memory leaks can be a real pain.

    Here are some questions I have about ANTS Memory Profiler 5:

    • Compared to the 3rd party tool you were using, what specific features or functionalities do you find most helpful in ANTS?
    • Does it offer any guidance or recommendations for fixing the leaks it identifies?

    Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounds like ANTS Memory Profiler could be a valuable addition to my toolbox.

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