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Most of the time I'm getting a single .exe when I create a package. However for several of our databases I get several files when I try to package:

The .exe file is small but all the .dll files can be very large (i'm guessing this is the data). The other issue is that the package creation is MUCH slower when it runs when this happens compared to a single .exe file. I believe database size is a factor since several of our databases can be fairly large -- 200+ megs.

I am running SQL Packager which is the latest current version but I experienced this in the last version as well.


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    There is a bit of a limitation in Microsoft .net in how large an embedded resource can be in a .NET assembly. This affects SQL Packager because this is how the scripts are saved into the executable. The maximum size is 50MB, so any package larger than that will start producing dlls that are just full of data, but the main executable will remain small.

    I can't say for sure why the package would run any slower, except that you're possibly running low on memory. Hopefully it's something as simple as that.
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