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SQL Prompt 10 Failing to Load after Update

BrianBohnBrianBohn Posts: 2 New member
edited July 24, 2023 7:59PM in SQL Prompt

I updated SQL Server Essentials today (2023-07-24) and am no longer able to use SQL Prompt, as it is receiving a failure response from the Styles API. The attached archive contains both default and verbose logs.

Any assistance towards resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Editing to add that I've found another post regarding issues with the latest version of SQL Prompt, and have used the link provided by David Kim to download the previous version. I've uninstalled and installed instead, using his link. So far, SQL Prompt is able to load, but I am still receiving the same failure responses from the Styles API - it just isn't causing it to crash.

Note, it would be great to have more than just the current, minimally-useful tags. Something like #StyleAPI (and any other thing of note provided in logs/errors/etc), #Issue/#Error/#Incident/#Bug/etc. The current list is very constraining and doesn't do much to help users find posts related to the issues they are having.


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