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After updating SQL Prompt Tabs no longer auto connect and old closed tabs keep appearing

SQL Prompt use to automatically connect all my tabs which were previously open from last close of SSMS. After a recent update (not sure which version) this stopped working. All tabs are never connected at login and also I am getting more tabs opening than what I had open during the the last session in SSMS.

SSMS: v18.12.1
SQL Server: 15.0.2095.3
SQL Prompt:

I have 2 open tabs and both are connected:

Close, wait, reopen SSMS and I have much more than 2 tabs open and none of them are connected. I would expect only the last 2 tabs I had open only and both to be auto connected. This his how it worked before a recent update and was perfect. Note the file names are repeated many times over for all the tabs I do not expect.

My settings show auto connect tabs. I have tried to uncheck and recheck to see if this resolves the issue. No luck.


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