Allow Windows Authentication with specified credentials

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My company is implementing a policy where all connections to databases must be made using Windows Authentication.

On top of that, there are, at least, two domains (Production and Quality Assurance).

Connecting to a database with a single set of credentials is easy (see Tip: Connecting To A Database Using Windows Authentication With Different Credentials Using SQL Server Management Studio - ... tudio.aspx).

Comparing databases across domains has been, so far, impossible.

It would be nice to be able to specify the credentials for Windows Authentication.
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  • Thanks for your post.

    I can see why you would want to do this, so I have added your suggestion as a feature request.

    Hopefully it will be considered for a future version of SQL Data Compare.

    For your reference the feature tracking code is SDC-939.

    As an alternative - and if the user is valid on the client machine, you can start SQL Compare UI with 'run as' and specify a different user.
  • Thanks Chris.

    The problem with SQL Data Compare (and SQL Compare, for that matter) is when I need to compare databases from diffrent servers with different Windows credentials.

    Will it make SQL Data Compare 8? :D
    Paulo Morgado
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    This feature is unlikely to make SQL Data Compare 8.0, I'm afraid - we're already at our quota of extra features that need UI work.
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  • Is this feature available in the latest version of SQL Compare?
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