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we want to setup our build node automatically using ansible and chocolatey packages. Do you have any suggestion how this can be done?
From an existing question about automatically licensing the installed SmartAssembly I learned that this help page is not applicable to SmartAssembly. How can I activate the license automatically?

How should we handle license deactivation if the build not is not available anymore? We only have one build node to obfuscate our product so we won't be using the same license multiple times. However, if the build node is not operable anymore we don't want to have to remember that we must disable a license manually, we even might not have access to the build node anymore.

I just found Using SmartAssembly with Azure Pipelines which contains some logic to install SmartAssembly right before the build and remove the activation after build. Is this the way to go in my custom jenkins build pipline/scripts?

Does the installer just register the product again on the next run? We don't have such a dynamic build workflow that we create a new build node instance on every build. Instead, we have a static build node which is setup once and executes the build jobs sequentially, i.e. the required software is installed once.

Or does SmartAssembly 7/8 support command line registration "<name of productEXE> /activateSerial:<serialNumber>", too? 

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    Hi @Michael_S

    The Azure pipeline doc you mentioned would be helpful in this case. You'd essentially follow the same process to activate automatically by installing SmartAssembly via the msi and applying the RG_LICENSE option during the install. You can also deactivate automatically by running the SmartAssembly command line with the /deactivateSerial switch per that page. 

    If the deactivation doesn't work, you can always log into the portal to free up the activation:

    There is no /activateSerial option for SA, unfortunately. If you're only using one build server, you just need to run the installer once with that RG_LICENSE option (you don't need to reinstall/reactivate on each run as you would need to if using a hosted build agent in Azure).
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