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SQL Prompt 10.6.2.X & 10.6.3.X performance issues

HigginsHiggins Posts: 11 Bronze 2
edited February 23, 2021 1:47PM in SQL Prompt
On Fri 2/19 I updated to the latest 10.6 version of SQL Prompt and typing was and is painfully slow, performance stinks. I can type two complete lines of SQL code before it finishes "typing" the word "Select" on screen. Disabling SQL prompt altogether allows normal cursor function but then you don't have the benefits of SQL Prompt. I reverted to 10.5 per the link I found in the thread (linked below) and normal function of SQL prompt was restored. PLEASE FIX.



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    HigginsHiggins Posts: 11 Bronze 2
    I will also mention I am running SSMS 18.8 on an HP Win 10 laptop with 32GB of RAM so performance of SQL Prompt shouldn't suck so bad. 
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    HigginsHiggins Posts: 11 Bronze 2
    I tried 10.6.3 this morning as a support tech told me it was available. 10.6.3 has the same performance issues. I've submitted verbose logs to the support request I have open. I can't say the experience is the same for everyone but I cannot recommend upgrading at this time.
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    HigginsHiggins Posts: 11 Bronze 2
    Between my last post on this thread (Feb 23) and now I had a support ticket open with Red Gate. The support people learned that an issue exists in 10.6+ if your snippets reside on a network share or UNC path with high latency between your computer and the network location (think working from home via VPN). If you set your snippets folder to a local path on your computer like C:\MyFolder\RedGateSnippets then there is no issue with performance. To @ogrishman's point, I have observed the conversion of snippets from XML to JSON and their software creates a backup for you in the Snippet path so your "old format" XML snippets should be in a subfolder called "backup" of your snippet folder's path but as always it is best to create your own backup. Quote from my support ticket...

    "I have spoken with our dev team about this. You have clearly highlighted a need for improvements around the performance of SQL Prompt v6 when referencing network shares, however unfortunately, given current workloads and overall impact of this issue, at this stage we cannot say when we will be able to address this. For the time being, as a workaround we suggest using a local folder for your snippets instead of a network drive with high latency when working from home over a VPN. Alternatively you could continue to use SQL Prompt 10.5 for now."
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    Dan_JDan_J Posts: 454 Silver 2

    Thanks for your last update to this thread, my sincerest apology for the delay in following up.

    As per my last update from the logged support ticket, whilst to do very much appreciate the work you put in to highlighting this issue to us, unfortunately due to the prioritization of open issues, our current available resources, and looking at the overall impact, it is not currently possible for us work on this.

    Regarding the workaround provided, please do let us know if at any stage there are issues with it, or it does not work so that we can assist further.

    Again, our sincere apology that we have been unable to resolve this on this occasion.

    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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