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SQL Prompt 10.6.2.X & 10.6.3.X performance issues

HigginsHiggins Michigan, USAPosts: 4 New member
edited February 23, 2021 1:47PM in SQL Prompt
On Fri 2/19 I updated to the latest 10.6 version of SQL Prompt and typing was and is painfully slow, performance stinks. I can type two complete lines of SQL code before it finishes "typing" the word "Select" on screen. Disabling SQL prompt altogether allows normal cursor function but then you don't have the benefits of SQL Prompt. I reverted to 10.5 per the link I found in the thread (linked below) and normal function of SQL prompt was restored. PLEASE FIX.


  • HigginsHiggins Michigan, USAPosts: 4 New member
    I will also mention I am running SSMS 18.8 on an HP Win 10 laptop with 32GB of RAM so performance of SQL Prompt shouldn't suck so bad. 
  • HigginsHiggins Michigan, USAPosts: 4 New member
    I tried 10.6.3 this morning as a support tech told me it was available. 10.6.3 has the same performance issues. I've submitted verbose logs to the support request I have open. I can't say the experience is the same for everyone but I cannot recommend upgrading at this time.
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