SQL Search are grayed out

When trying to use SQL Search, the boxes are grayed out


  • ostandageostandage Cambridge Posts: 35 Bronze 5
    Hi @osamaroo

    We are aware of a bug relating to this, could you please upgrade to SQL Search 3.5.3. If the problem still persists we have a workaround until we are able to fix this: 

    1. Disconnect from the SQL Server in SSMS you want to search
    2. Close and reopen SQL Search
    3. Reconnect the SQL Server

    Hopefully these steps will work in the meantime, apologies for the inconvenience caused.


    Software Engineer
    SQL Prompt / SQL Search
  • ejsejs Posts: 3 New member
    Yes ostandage, that does work.   Needless to say there have been many reports of this problem over months.   Is there an ETA?  Thanks.
  • MargoMargo Posts: 3 New member
    I am having the same issue with SQL Search no longer working (all the boxes are greyed out).  I've uninstalled SQL Search and reinstalled, still nothing works.  I would really like to get it working again, so any advise would be appreciated.
  • scollisscollis Posts: 24 Bronze 2
    This is still happening, every time I try to use SQL Search.
  • mdullni1mdullni1 Posts: 25 Bronze 3
    This is now happening to me.  I didn't notice it until recently, maybe the last few weeks.  It has happened only a few times.
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