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Why does SQL Prompt Installer think I do NOT have SSMS Installed?

mcaldwell@isidc.com[email protected] Posts: 3 Bronze 2
edited December 6, 2019 10:44PM in SQL Prompt
I am having trouble installing SQL Prompt 10.  Actually installing from the SQL Developer Bundle (file version  When I run the installer, all tools install successfully EXCEPT for those that rely on SSMS.  I get the message that 3 items could not be installed with:

SQL Prompt 10.0
MSI returned failure code 1603: Fatal error during installation.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010+ or SQL Server Management Studio 2012+ is required.

This repeats for SQL Search 3.3 and SQL Test 3.2.

Oddly, SQL Source Control appears to have installed just fine.

I previously had SSMS installed as part of a local SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition installation where I had an older version of SQL Prompt running just fine.  I later ran updates and got a new installer for SSMS which installed into a different location on my hard drive.  I uninstalled the older version of SSMS then downloaded the new SQL Developer Bundle to upgrade everything and get SQLPrompt into the current SSMS that I was running.  All other components appear to have installed properly.

Thinking there may have been a registry key that got cleared when I uninstalled the old SSMS, I downloaded an even newer version of the SSMS installer and ran it again hoping that would allow the Developer Bundle installer to now recognize it, but I am continuing to get the same error.


It appears that the same or a closely related issue exists in this question:  https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/86156/install-error-sql-server-data-tools-ssdt-is-required-it-is-installed

I, too, was going from 17.9 to 18.4 in SSMS and uninstalling 17.9 appears to have done me in.  Surely you're not going to require me to find an old installer and install a copy of software that I no longer want and do a registry scrub...are you?


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