INSTALL ERROR: "SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is Required" -- It is installed.

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I am currently frustrated after uninstalling and reinstalling SSDT multiple times, including every combination of SSDT 2019 and 2017. I also have SSMS 18.4 installed.

Still, every time I try to update / install  SQL prompt, I get the error, "These tools can't be installed at the moment: SQL Prompt 10.0 - Error: SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is required."

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    Steps to work around error:
    1. Uninstall SSMS 18.4 and all SSDT components. Scour registry manually for leftover keys.
    2. Installed SSMS 17.9.1
    3. Installed SQLPrompt SUCCESSFULLY!
    4. Installed SSMS 18.4
    5. Uninstall/reinstall SQLPrompt SUCCESSFULLY in both SSMS 17.9 and 18.4!
    Now I am too scared to uninstall SSMS 17.9.1 because that program uselessly residing on my PC is apparently the only reason I could install SQLPrompt 10.0 after wasting half a day of my life trying. I don't want to take a chance that this issue will recur down the road when I update to 10.1.

    I'd be really interested to see if anybody else had this issue. I contacted RedGate directly about it, but I didn't get a helpful response. I'd still love to know exactly what the SQL Prompt installer is looking for EXACTLY to determine whether SSDT is installed.


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