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Issues with SSMS add-in

1. Updating the SSMS add-in yesterday removed the extension from VS 2019. I had to reinstall it.
2. After generating schema scripts and clicking done. It spins for a bit and produces the following error: Operation /api/v1/operations/d9d20af5-9dc2-4cf6-bdbb-b83e5466d11f took too long to respond. Timed out after 60000ms.
Clicking refresh then produces a series of errors which appear to be caused from it trying to run the baseline scripts:. xxx.sql has already been executed within the xxx_shadow database on this server. Clicking refresh generates another error for each script. Closing SSMS and reopening the project keeps it in this error loop. I had to open the project in VS and let it run a refresh. I could then open the project in SSMS with out errors.

I should note that I have tried this a few times and can reproduce it. Making data only changes in SSMS did not cause these errors.

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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    I am sorry that you have had issues with the latest version of SCA for SSMS. I will open a support ticket and get in touch to see if it's possible to get more detailed reproduction steps.
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    Redgate Software Ltd
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