The update no longer works!


I have problems wit update SQL tools. Problems begin with last two updates. I use SQL Prompt, SQL Compare 14, SQL Change Automation, ... (Toolbelt) however, for any product, the update no longer works.

Update work to 99% (starting services) then get error: 

"MSI returned failure code 1603: fatal error during installation. Service "Redgate Client failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start services."

I have enough privileges 100%. My win 10 system not changed and updates work well years.
I can manually stop and start service with no problems.

When I try update SQL Change Automation I lost all installation, program gone from SSMS!?!? The same is with SQL Prompt. After Repair in Control Panel both programs are back but not update.

I try all advices from forum which I was able to find, but no help.


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  • Martin_KMartin_K Posts: 51 Silver 1

    Could I ask if you have already tried the following and, if not, to give it a try?

    would you try deleting any files in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Red Gate\\Shared Client that look like ".rgupdate_bad_xxxx", and then try running the installer again?

    If the above fails, the next suggestion would be to run netsh http show iplisten from a command prompt running as administrator to check whether has been setup to listen to.

    If there’s no entry for, please run the following: 
    netsh http add iplisten
    Thank you!
  • dUrosdUros Posts: 21 Bronze 1
    edited October 26, 2019 8:55AM Answer ✓

    Thank you for respond.

    I found mentioned solution on forum and try but no success.

    "netsh http show iplisten" give me This is OK.

    Then I try update again but today a little different:
    - First I stop the Redgate service.
    - Then I rename "...Share Client" folder ("...Share Client BAD").
    - Start service. You must start service or SQL Compare 14 not work. 
    - Start SQL Compare 14.
    - Start update from SQL Compare 14. Just run installer then close SQL Compare 14. Installer must runing!
    - Stop service (this is different from my previous updates, I never stop service till today. Installer must runing!)
    - Now in installer window start install and wait to finish
    - Update was successfully finished  :)

    I think the stop service was solution in my case, because I newer again stop service.
    After successfully update SQL Compare 14, I successfully update SQL Prompt 9 and SQL Change Automation too.

    Thank you again.


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