Why do descriptions disappear?

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Hey all,
I'm tasked with documenting a server, and one of the key features of sql doc is that it allows you to put a description for a field. I'm curious why some of these fields disappear. I can save a project, and check a few days later to see some of the definitions missing.


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    The "MS_Description" field isn't actually saved in your project file at all - a tooltip over the save button indicates that SQL Doc adds an extended property to the object in the database:

    What is probably happening here is a few objects are being dropped and recreated by other people with access to the database, which causes them to lose their extended properties.
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  • Either that, or the "Save to database" button isn't being pressed in which case - as Sam says - the field isn't saved in the project file so it won't be stored there and hasn't been saved to the database.

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  • SnowstyxSnowstyx Posts: 2 New member
    Sam was correct in his assumption. We do nightly refreshes that drop our tables. I've gone ahead, and started using SQL Compare to use a snapshot to save and deploy the extended properties to a test database anytime we do want to use them for document generation.
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