Is dead?

I've recently been requested to add a new module to Even though knowing results have been quite messy for my taste in the past, I thought I give it a try and see if I could manage better.

However, pinvoke does not even seem to want me to add new content to it.

- I would've had to add a new module (projectedfslib from Windows 10 1809) to it, but that redirected me to an almost blank page with a link to some support forum, telling me to request getting my module added there. But the link does not work.
- The design of the website is horrible. I don't think it ever got updated since the site launched, and feels clumsy all along.
- The editing capabilities are mostly a big plain-text box, without clear guidance. I'd look up other pages to figure out how to note down things there.
- Several pages are messy, or the declarations are wrong. But that's definitely a community effort not being done.

And after all, I couldn't even find in the "Category" combobox of this forum here. Did you guys give up on it?
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