SQL Compare option "Ignore authorization on schema objects" is not being triggered

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Hi Redgate,

I'm having issues with a SQL Compare option, which is not being triggered in my deploy. I'm trying to ignore any changes made to a schema that relates to authorization, since my env's have diffrend users assigned to the schema. But my deployments keep overwriting the authorization because it's "inside" source control. I have the SQL Compare Option "Ignore authorization on schema objects" selected in both SQLCompare.exe

SQL Compare cmd:

SQL Compare tool:

What am I missing?




  • I think the issue is that SQL Compare defines "Schema Objects" as objects inside a schema. This option therefore affects tables, views etc but not the schemas themselves. I think you'll need to filter out schemas in order to deploy just the changes you care about. Does Compare work as expected in that case?
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  • Bas_KBas_K Oud Beijerland, The NetherlandsPosts: 15 Bronze 1
    Hi Sam,

    I do not want to exclude my schema entirely, I want the schema to be there, just not with this authorization change. Is there a way to filter this in sql source control?

  • Unfortunately this is not currently possible, I think because the specification of ownership is the main point of having a schema. I suspect ignoring authorization could create a lot of unexpected behaviour, although it's hard to be sure without understanding your use case.
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