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Converting Styles from SQL Prompt 7 to 8

dhalldhall Posts: 5 New member

Our team has a .sqlpromptstyle file that we have used for years. I recently upgraded to SQL Prompt 8 and it no longer recognizes the file. I tried following the workaround instructions at but it did not auto-convert the .sqlpromptstyle file.

I also tried renaming the file, and comparing our .sqlpromptstyle file to a new .sqlpromptstylev2 file, but the XML tags are completely different so I do not know where to start to convert the file over. I understand that are many more style options in SQL Prompt 8 but our team does not have time to recreate a style right now and all our code is now drastically changing whenever we format. Is there another way to convert the style file to .sqlpromptstylev2?

Thank you very much,


  • way0utwestway0utwest CO, USA Posts: 307 Rose Gold 1
    Can you upload the file for someone to examine?
  • dhalldhall Posts: 5 New member
    I tried to attach the file in its original format (.sqlpromptstyle) and .xml but I received an error message each time that the file was not allowed. Therefore, I converted it to .txt and attached it.

    Thank you very much and please let me know if you need any additional information.
  • way0utwestway0utwest CO, USA Posts: 307 Rose Gold 1
    I've got the file (BTW, upload as ZIP should work). The options are dramatically different as I look through them. I don't know that I can get a mapping from options such as 1 to Upper Case for the enums in the old styles today, but I've left a few messages with development to try and sort this out. When I look through your style, I can't quite tell what items to map across.

    I'll update as soon as I can.
  • way0utwestway0utwest CO, USA Posts: 307 Rose Gold 1
    OK, I found a converter tool. Please try this style and let me know if it works.
  • dhalldhall Posts: 5 New member
    Thank you for the conversion. It still changed some things in our code but I am working on tweaking some settings to keep things as similar as possible.

    One area in which I immediately see a discrepancy is regarding comment alignment. We often keep comment blocks (/* */) left-justified, but this version is automatically indenting them. I did not see an option in the style editing to keep comment blocks as is. Do you know if that is an option, or might I have missed it? Thanks again.
  • Hi @dhall,

    Thanks for the suggestion. This isn't currently possible in SQL Prompt 8 but other users have reported it to UserVoice.

    Would it be possible to vote for it on UserVoice?

    Best wishes,

    Michael Clark
    Technical Lead, SQL Monitor
  • dhalldhall Posts: 5 New member
    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the response and idea suggestion. The ticket you referenced did not fit our situation since it was regarding single-line comments versus multiple-line comment blocks (/* */), and the author mentioned wanting to indent it a certain way whereas we would like an option for no indentation whatsoever.

    I did not see exactly what I was looking for within the current ideas; I also tried to use the search functionality but the results were full of many that were Declined or Completed, or were too vague. Therefore, I created a new idea for preserving the format of multiple-line comment blocks.

    Unfortunately, our team cannot upgrade to SQL Prompt 8 until this issue is resolved because our product involves tens of thousands of lines of customer-facing SQL code with many multiple-line comment blocks left-aligned for consistency and readability. Additionally, each change we make needs to be justified to our customers, so massive formatting changes are problematic for us.

    Thanks again,
  • DevOpsGSCDevOpsGSC Posts: 5 New member
    OK, I found a converter tool. Please try this style and let me know if it works.
    How about supplying the "converter tool" so that others can make use of it?
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