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Visual Studio 2017 Extension Beta

Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
edited August 16, 2017 2:25PM in .NET Reflector Previous Versions
The Beta has ended, and the extension is now available on the VS2017 Gallery.
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    well first of all THANK YOU, been waiting for this and this is perfect timing as I'm having a weird issue with my Xamarin Forms app and am hoping this will help.

    Unfortunately it doesn't appear to; Although I was able to decompile the library I want to debug (Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android) and I can see the decompiled code and set a break point, it is not getting hit when I run the application.

    am I missing a step or am I trying to do something that's not supported? I'm happy to provide more details, just let me know what would help.

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    Thanks for the feedback @SelAromDotNet , we'll investigate this on Monday.
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    We need more information for this @SelAromDotNet.

    Could you please show us the Modules Window, and then show us the symbol load information please? This will hopefully show us why it's not loading things correctly:


    I'm unable to reproduce the issue you're seeing, so I suspect there's something wrong with the PDB you have loaded.
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    So it appears the modules window is empty:


    I also included the generated source file, so it looks like it did decompile it, but it's not loading it.

    I should also mention when I attempt to decompile the assemble (Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android) it mostly fails:


    but again I can F12 into definitions and the source does appear. I'm not very informed about how all this stuff works so I don't know what else I can provide but if you let me know I can share it. If it helps, here's a copy of the project I'm using:

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    Ok, I suspect this is going to be because we don't see the actual assembly itself, but whatever is offered up by the emulator.

    Will take a look at the github project though and see what I can find.
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