Backup to Amazon S3 Storage using Backup Pro 9

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I am testing the new release of Backup Pro Version 9 copying the backup files to Amazon S3 Storage. Backing up from the interface or command line (using parameter COPYTO_HOSTED) the file is only copied to the root of the S3 Bucket Name. The command line executable 'SQBHostedStorageClient' provides a parameter to copy the file to a Directory created in the S3 Bucket.

Is this parameter available to the interface or command line backup script?



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    Same experience and challenge here. Sorry that I have no answer but hopefully my +1 gets this some love.

    I was hoping to use some automated transitioning with differing tiers and expiration based upon db type/content.

    Tried even a custom naming but all my jobs are >1 db, so the "server setting" override becomes worthless to differentiate 40% of your backups. And breaking out 40% to run as independent jobs isn't a worthwhile solution just for the custom naming.
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    Just wanted to add a followup, been beating this up a lot as of late.

    In the red-gate documentation you defer to AWS for the life-cycle management of anything uploaded.

    The shortfall truly is what jcricegp mentioned above. Without dirs the AWS life-cycle management is near useless. As the only filtering options are: file prefix (dirs) or file tags.

    If you can set distinct tags per each job, that would be a huge step or choose a dir as mentioned.

    The AWS life-cycle, without filtering, since you can only have 1 bucket, then just universally applies to the entire bucket the same. Even though clearly not all backups are the same in terms of expiration needs while all still require multi-site redundancy.
  • Thanks for your feedback, everyone. We're currently assessing the best way to resolve this issue - hopefully we'll be able to get back to you soon.
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    Thank you for the prompt feature add! And for even giving both possible options to setup AWS's life-cycle management.
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