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SQL Monitor 7 released

joshcrangjoshcrang Posts: 21 Bronze 2
edited October 19, 2017 8:24AM in SQL Monitor
What's new in this release?
A new reports section allows you to collate analysis graphs and whole estate metrics on a single page

For more information, please see the release notes

Upgrading to SQL Monitor 7.0
SQL Monitor 7.0 is a major upgrade from SQL Monitor 6. If your current license includes a valid support and upgrades package for SQL Monitor 6.x, the same license serial number will automatically activate SQL Monitor 7.0.

If your v6.x license does not include support and upgrades, SQL Monitor will upgrade to a 14-day trial of v7.0. You cannot roll back to the previous 6.x version, so we recommend that you install a trial version of v7.0 on a separate machine. For more information, see Upgrading to a later version of SQL Monitor.

When should I upgrade?
  • We aim to release a build every two weeks that includes the latest incremental features and bug fixes. These builds are identified by a three-part version number, such as v7.0.8. So if you’ve identified a particular feature from the release notes that you need, you can download the relevant build.
  • If you want to wait until all aspects of a feature have been fully completed, it’s best to use a minor version release, identified by a two-part version number such as v7.1.
  • Annual major releases (such as v7.0) combine multiple feature releases and undergo additional QA

Find out more or contact us:
Read more about SQL Monitor 7 and its key features.
Report any issues and raise questions on the support forum or email support at

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  • SQL Monitor 7.06 has now been released.

    This release features performance improvements, feature enhancements and fixes:


    Added search to the global dashboard page
    Added query plan generation date to query plans (supported on monitored entities running SQL Server 2014 or later)
    Truncating large queries (over 1000 lines) when sent as part of an email alert. Full query text is still retained and shown in the web interface
    Performance improvements:

    Improved load times and responsiveness of global dashboard and server overview pages
    Introduction of binary data type into data layer to more efficiently store SQL and query handles
    Replaced ICMP ping with TCP port ping, removing the requirement for ICMP to be enabled on the monitored network and adding better support for Azure based virtual machines
    Optimizing repository storage and retrieval queries including removal of query hint optimizations for legacy versions of SQL Server
    Optimizing data repository SQL connection pooling to prevent the connection pool becoming oversubscribed over time
    Removal of unnecessary indices on repository to increase data insertion throughput and solve deadlocking issue whereby SQL monitor could deadlock itself
    SRP-11075 Improved load times of the alert configuration page

    SRP-11027 Fixed an issue where some instances wouldn't be correctly identified as part of an availability group
    SRP-11055 Fixed an issue where alert emails may not include all data
    SRP-11084 Fixed an issue where the global dashboard may report negative machine CPU usage
    Fixed an issue where query plans would not be sampled on monitored entities running SQL Server 2005
    For more information about upgrading from version 7.0.5 or earlier:

  • Adam WAdam W Posts: 111 Silver 3
    SQL Monitor 7.0.9 has been released, following 7.0.8

    7.0.9 contains a minor fix for WMI UTC timestamp offset problem
    7.0.8 is mostly a performance and stability release with some important fixes:

    • SRP-10724 - SQL Monitor Performance Issues on Monitored Entities
    • SRP-10937 - Random bad data errors causing monitoring to stop for SQL instances
    • SRP-11032 - "The requested resource is in use" error for remote registry collection
    • SRP-11075 - Slow loading Configuration>Alert Settings page
    • SRP-11082 - SQL Monitor Frequent Monitoring Stopped & Clock Skew Alerts
    • SRP-11085 - DMV Performance Query causing 100% cpu
    • SRP-11088 - Report emails not sending
    • SRP-11093 - Upgrade to 7.0.6 failed when converting SQL Handles to varbinary
    • SRP-11094 - CPU hitting 100% when purging data
    • SRP-11103 - Clock skew alert inaccurate
    • Replace the use of the remote registry with WMI.
    • In addition, it contains a critical fix which was preventing purging from working for some customers.

    Please see the documentation for upgrade information:
  • MarkusMarkus Posts: 26 Bronze 2
    I upgraded to 7.0.9 earlier this week and the upgrade was successful.
  • Adam WAdam W Posts: 111 Silver 3
    SQL Monitor 7.0.10 has been released. It contains the following improvements/fixes:

    • SRP-11129 - Use xp_readerrorlog to read error log
    • SRP-11130 - Show loading indicator for Top Queries and Server Waits
    • SRP-11131 - No top 10 query data and no query related alerts
    • SRP-11134 - Server not added to group when adding server on Configuration > Monitored servers
    • SRP-11135 - New custom metrics not showing any data on the analysis tab
    • SRP-11139 - Windows 2008 clusters don't report fully-qualified domain name through WMI

    Please see the documentation for upgrade information:

  • Version 7.0.11 has been released

    This release contains support for vCenter or ESXi hosts. You can register a host with SQL Monitor, and information about the host will be included in the overview - see

    This release also includes some fixes to the purging code to make the system more efficient when deleting old rows from the SQL Monitor repository.


    SRP-11156 Alert times incorrect because of a daylight savings time offset
    SRP-11138 Use the processor time instead of the user time of a process when triggering alerts
    SRP-11124 Fix issue with emailing a report when the SQL Montior web server isn't addressable as localhost
    SRP-11115 Make the custom metric headers sortable

    Please see the documentation for upgrade information:
  • Adam WAdam W Posts: 111 Silver 3
    edited June 14, 2017 5:28AM
    Version 7.0.12 has been released.


    New 'Server summary' tile in reports, giving summary information (such as operating system version, availability, and uptime) on user-specified servers.
    Alert emails contain a link to the relevant configuration page


    Resolve memory usage issue arising from WMI client library
    Increase limitation on database name size on monitored servers to 128 characters
    Feature-usage reporting for VMware
    SRP-10404 Threshold for capturing the text for long-running queries decreased from 15 seconds to 5
    SRP-11159 Fix an issue with undisposed WMI object in cluster detection
    SRP-11188 Guard against no results being returned for network details in VMware host
    SRP-11194 Fix an issue with time-zone collection in certain circumstances
    SRP-11204 Fix the "send test email" button in the report configuration panel
    SRP-11205 Show units for plan sizes and average row size in the query plan display
    SRP-11206 Allow access to availability-group overview for machines with .ad domain suffix
    SRP-11208 Make removal of vCenter/ESXi host persist through base monitor restart
    SRP-11215 Capture VMware metrics when the monitored servers entry does not have the fully-qualified hostname

    Please see the documentation for upgrade information:
  • Version 7.0.13 has been released.

    It contains the following fixes:

    SRP-11228 Http 500 error when using 'Save as PDF' in Reports
    SRP-11239 Query execution plan viewer showing NaN for sizes
    SRP-11240 Unusually slow Top Queries retrieval in server overview

    Please see the documentation for upgrade information:
  • Version 7.0.14 has been released.

    It contains the following fixes:

    SRP-11212 Stop Query Plan window crashing
    SRP-11237 Fixes around SQL Monitor VMWare Data Collection
    SRP-11238 SQL Monitor Error with Errorlog Sampler on SQL Server 2005
    SRP-11242 Handle large query plans
    SRP-11246 Make manual activation easier
    SRP-11249 Improve retrying connection on manage monitored entities page

    Please see the documentation for upgrade information:
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  • Upgraded this morning and all my server host metrics are blank on the server detail screen for all installations. I have emailed support but no word back yet.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Silver 1
    edited July 5, 2017 2:50PM

    I can't find anything in our queue for you under your forum email address. If you like you can DM me the ticket number you were given when you emailed in and I can investigate for you.
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.0 has been released.
    This release contains various stability and interface improvements to 7.0.14 including the following.
    Support for collection of vmware metrics is now out of beta

    Fixed an issue where dialog boxes may fail to close in Internet Explorer and Edge
    Fixed an issue where the query plan download link might not appear
    Fixed an issue where some graphs may fail to display in Internet Explorer
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  • SQL Monitor 7.1.1 has been released

    This release fixes a UI performance problem in an external library, which causes the server overview to load slowly in some circumstances.
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  • Adam WAdam W Posts: 111 Silver 3
    edited August 24, 2017 8:48AM
    SQL Monitor 7.1.3 has been released.

    • Added name of blocked database to top of Blocking process alert details
    • Added the database name to the Longest running queries report

    Fixed the following issues:
    • Clearing the bottom alert in the list of alerts made all other alerts appear cleared
    • When clearing alerts that number less than total alert rows to be displayed, they did not disappear
    • Incorrect requirement referred to in the installer
    • Formatting in Job Failing alerts
    • Job Duration alert not showing baseline
    • Waits could show as zero on the top graph on server overviews
    • 12 or 24 hour clock display setting was not persisted on Analysis page
  • AdrianBAdrianB Posts: 46 Silver 1
    edited August 30, 2017 11:43AM
    SQL Monitor 7.1.4 has been released.

    • Added query performance suggestions to the top 10 queries view.
    • Fix issue with extension-less urls needing a trailing slash vs static resources
    • SQL Monitor Emailed PDF Report is empty
    • Unable to connect to standalone machine formerly in a cluster
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  • SQL Monitor has been released

    • Monthly Report Scheduling
    • DLM Automation, Ready Roll and SQL Compare Release integration
    • New beta feature: Deadlock Alert using XE and new visualisation

    • SRP-11350 Alert inbox paging incorrect (Partially fixed)
    • SRP-11303 Top 10 Queries sometimes misses the first char of the query
    • SRP-11344 Cannot set BaseMonitor in 7.1.4 installer on a separate web/base install
    • SRP-11345 Top 10 Queries table in the Alert details doesn't let you drill into queries (edited)
    • Fixed and issue where the server overview may show small gaps in the wait line
    • Increased the character limit for server aliases
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  • SQL Monitor 7.1.6 has been released

    • Blocking processes table and graphs added to server overview page
    • Preview of Grouped alert inbox
    • SRP-11369 Fix some layout bugs in XE deadlocks graph
    • Fixed an issue which would cause the XE deadlocks graph to not display in Internet Explorer
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  • AlexJeffreysAlexJeffreys Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    edited October 19, 2017 8:16AM
    SQL Monitor 7.1.8 has been released

    • SRP-11307 Highcharts error \#15 causes causes disk operations baseline to fail to display
    • SRP-11403 Fixed an issue where SQL Monitor may raise a long running query alert for internal SQL Server processes
    • SRP-11352 Prevent SQL Monitor from attempting to access TRACE data in cases where it doesn't have access to do so

    You can download this from Check for Updates or here:
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.9 has been released


    - SRP-11408 Issues reconnecting to VMWare
    - SRP-11431 Extended events deadlocks sometimes missing
    - Extended events configuration accessed using wrong SQL Server identity
    - SRP-11415 Grouped Alert Inbox doesn't clear all alerts
    - Purge settings configuration reverting to default for SQL text

    You can download this from Check for Updates or here:
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.10 has been released

    - SRP-11445 Fix bug in VMWare communicator

    You can download this from Check for Updates or here:
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  • SQL Monitor 7.1.11 has been released

    • Blocked Processes: view blocked processes and their details on the server overview page
    • Query History: see a query’s performance over time
      • View execution count, duration, reads, and writes over the recorded lifetime of a query
      • See the points in time a query’s plan changed
    • Check new servers before adding them. The “test” button will run a number of checks before adding a server.
    • New analysis graph entries for space used within data files and allocated space for data and log files

    • SRP-11455 fixed an issue with some informational messages being undismissable

    You can download this from Check for Updates or here:
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    Redgate Software
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.12 has been released.

    This version fixes an issue that prevented a small proportion of customers from migrating their existing SQL Monitor repository data from earlier versions to 7.1.11. Customers who have successfully installed 7.1.11 do not need to upgrade to this version.

    Please note that, as with the upgrade to 7.1.11, the migration of your existing repository to the new schema may take several minutes to complete.
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    Redgate Software
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.13 has been released.

    • Changed the Slack notification mechanism so that a notification is sent only if the associated alert is configured for sending via email
    • Added a new Database File Usage alert that will trigger based on remaining time until your database file fills (or by Percent Full/GB Remaining)
    • Added more information about space used and time remaining until full within the Database Files section of the Server Overview
    • The Server Tree on the Grouped Alert Inbox now has unread message counts
    • The Grouped Alert Inbox now automatically refreshes
    • Added Import Tool to import multiple SQL Servers at once using text file with tab-separated values

    • SRP-11470 Filter actions are restricted to the alerts on the current page, even when all alerts are selected
    • Improved blocking process tree compatibility with IE 11
    You can download this from Check for Updates or here:
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.14 has been released.

    • Added the ability to filter by Alert Type in the grouped inbox
    • Added Total Data File Used to the Analysis screen
    • Improvements to the Database File Usage alerts details screen
    • Fix an issue where the current data size was being double counted on the suggested growth message for Database File Usage alerts
    • Make the Reports tab work when there are no reports in system
    • NRE in VMWare code

    You can download this from Check for Updates or here:
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  • joshcrangjoshcrang Posts: 21 Bronze 2
    edited December 19, 2017 10:42AM
    SQL Monitor 7.1.15 has been released.

    • Fix an issue with rendering the Grouped alert inbox on IE11
    • Fix an issue that caused the "Edit properties" dialog to not function when editing monitored entities
    • Fix an issue where the tooltips for certain metrics may not match the highlighted point
    • Fix an issue causing the top of deadlock graphs to not be visible

    You can download this from Check for Updates or here:
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    Redgate Software
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.16 has been released.

    • Updated to .NET 4.6.1
    • Added the ability to view the blocking process diagram in a modal window
    • Enabled the Grouped alert inbox to handle input from multiple base monitors
    • Added the ability to ungroup the grouped inbox
    • Added the ability to select all across all pages on the grouped inbox
    • Added the ability to save custom filters on the grouped inbox
    • Added the ability to page through the alerts on a group details page
    • Made the grouped inbox keep the filter state when the user navigates away
    • Made the grouped inbox use the date format configured by the user
    • Made the server tree on the grouped inbox automatically refresh
    • Added flash messages on actions in the grouped inbox

    • Fix issue with blocking tree constructor
    • Add more logging around licensing
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.17 has been released.

    • Grouped Alert Inbox enhancements
      • Filter and page settings are preserved when navigating
      • Alerts can be filtered between dates
      • SQL Error Log alerts are now grouped by error text

    • Fix issue with no email sent out for blocking process alert when head blocker is sleeping
    • Fixed issue with availability group metrics failing to show No Data message on analysis graph
    • Next/Previous in the alerts page was getting a routing failure
    • Data File Usage alerts are disabled for log files by default
  • Hi, we've been struggling to find the installer with the latest version on SQLMonitor - we've pulled the latest toolbelt and it only seems to have 7.1.15
  • Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    edited February 26, 2018 10:20AM
    Hi @IanScrivens you can download this directly here: Although 7.1.18 should be out this week so you may wish to factor that in and hold off upgrading until its available.

    If you've ever dismissed the notification banner in the UI you would need to clear your cookies to get it back, although the cookie is set to expire after a week, so really this should be 7 days maximum that you don't get the notification (unless you've changed your cookie settings perhaps?).
    Have you visited our Help Centre?
  • SQL Monitor 7.1.18 has been released.

    - Grouping within the alert inbox has progressed from preview to full release
    - Data file usage alert can now be configured to be disabled when autogrowth is enabled

    SRP-11435 - Fix WMI query issue when cluster resources include backslashes
    SRP-11450 - Fix an issue around resuming monitoring following WMI authorization failure
    SRP-11521 - Adjust hover-over times on the top server overview graph for daylight saving time
    SRP-11538 - Categorize WMI authorization errors properly when they occur as part of SQL Server sampling
    SRP-11543 - Prevent arithmetic overflow in database file time remaining alerter
    SRP-11568 - Maintain a file offset for extended event sampling
    SRP-11572 - Restore display of percentage values for log file usage
    SRP-11583 - Allow ampersand symbol to be in report names
    SRP-11587 - Prevent default values overriding report schedule settings
    SRP-11589 - Clarify description of some VMWare CPU metrics
    SRP-11537 - Exclude long-running queries with zero query handle from SSIS
    SRP-11497 - Identify SQL Server Agent and other SQL Server processes running within clusters by instance

    Known issues
    If you have multiple base monitors, previous and next buttons on the alert details page do not work when coming from an ungrouped view
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  • joshcrangjoshcrang Posts: 21 Bronze 2
    edited March 1, 2018 2:14PM
    SQL Monitor 7.1.19 has been released.

    This release fixes an issue where some charts may show the incorrect date and time
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