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I've been using Schema Compare for Oracle version on one laptop successfully.

Recently I received a new laptop, so I installed Schema Compare for Oracle (same version) on the new laptop.

When I create a new project on the new laptop (using Manual Connection) I'm entering the exact same setup information as on the old laptop.

When I test the connection, however, I'm always getting a 'NET: Invalid SID' error. The same connection settings are working fine on the old laptop.

Any suggestions on why the same connection settings could be failing on the new laptop?



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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    Can you please check the following option on both the old (if still available) and the new machines.

    Tools menu ->Application options ->Connections section. Is the "Prefer direct connection" enabled / checked or disabled / unchecked?

    As you are entering the exact same parameters for manual connection, I suspect on the new laptop you need to enable or check the "Prefer direct connection" check box.

    Many thanks
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    I am getting this same error. I noticed that there is an option to "Connect as" SYSDBA in the GUI that I am not specifying on the command line with the sco command line tool. The connection works in the GUI.

    The command I am using is basically as follows, actual SID and password redacted: sco /source sys/[email protected]:1521/SID{SCHEMA} /target sys/[email protected]:1521/SID2{SCHEMA} /scriptfile:"my_schema_script.sql"

    I used the lsnrctl status command to find the services on my laptop for the SID. 
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