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Deployment script creation progress

jmeyerjmeyer Posts: 70 Bronze 2
edited October 11, 2016 10:29AM in SQL Data Compare
Creating a deployment script covering around 3.5M records across 20+ tables. The deployment screen displays a "Deployment (Not Responding)" in the upper left title sectiona nd ultimately crashes with am exception "Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown." DataCompare v11 is able to perform the sync.


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    Hi there - Sorry to hear you're having a bad experience with v12. I'll have a look and see if we can reproduce the same problem locally
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    Ok, I've managed to reproduce this now (reference SDC-2206). I'll try and see what we can do to reduce memory usage in the deployment wizard
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    We've just released to Frequent Updates, which should reduce memory usage to a more sensible level in the deployment script so hopefully it will start working for you.

    There's still some more work to do here - generating the deployment script currently blocks the UI thread, which it shouldn't do, and there's some more performance improvements I think are possible. It should actually refrain from crashing now, though :)
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    We think we've fixed this properly in the latest Frequent Update version, Does this version behave for you?
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    jmeyerjmeyer Posts: 70 Bronze 2

    This appears to be fixed and deployment script generation also seems to be running a bit faster.
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