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If I copy a value from the results, I always get the column-name with it. In SSMS you can choose between copy and copy with headers. Can this be build into SQL Multi Script?



  • Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I've logged a feature request for this on our system.
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  • You're welcome, it's boring if you have to copy the contents of 24 servers and remove the headers for every result.

  • roman_sroman_s Posts: 2 New member
    Any news on this? Still can't see an option to copy out without headers..
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    Hi @roman_s

    Thanks for your post.

    This is still in hand and is being worked on although there is no definitive time frame for completion.
    Do let us know if you require any further information.

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  • SQLGrinderSQLGrinder Posts: 3 New member
    Have seen this requested repeated in other threads for years now. It is one of those tiny annoying things that creates a little extra work every day you use it. You guys have fixed so many things based on feedback here, I don't understand why this one keeps getting neglected. This is a power time saving product that I use every day - please fix. 
  • roman_sroman_s Posts: 2 New member
    What are you talking about? It's already done. Go to "application options" - "When copying results to the clipboard, include the header row" - and just uncheck it ;)
  • SQLGrinderSQLGrinder Posts: 3 New member
    Oh snap, I never knew it was fixed because I assumed it would be implemented just like SSMS and have a right-click option when copying from the grid. Thanks!
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    Actually, I don't consider this fixed. It was implemented as its either enable/disable feature which doesn't allow you choose for each selection. There are many times I need to copy the entire grid and I do want the headers. Also many times I just want to extract a single value from the grid and I do NOT want the headers. I do both several times every day and going into options each time is an equal inconvenience as before.

    Any chance this feature can be adjusted to work like SSMS?
    There is already a right-lick hover menu that appears in the gird with options to Select All or Copy, please just add the option to Copy with Headers.

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