Create a DB from 2005 on 2000?

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Is there a way to make Red Gate generate the right scripts to build a db on sql 2000 from a sql 2005 db? I keep getting errors in the package when I set up the package with the default options.


  • Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    SQL Packager should try to create a package which can be built on SQL Server 2000 if you target a SQL Server 2000 database (with 'upgrade a previous database') when building the package. However, it can't generate the correct script in the following cases:

    1) You have stored procedures / views / functions with syntax which will not work on 2000

    2) You have any 2005-only features in your database (the new object types, data types etc)

    There are also a variety of other minor issues which might stop a 'downgrade' package working properly (e.g. there are some issues around full text catalogues, and around owners of objects).
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  • sdoransdoran Posts: 12 Bronze 2
    I am seeing the issues around the login and user creation scripts. Suggestions on how to fix?
  • Michelle TMichelle T Posts: 566 Gold 1
    If you're getting 2005 syntax for logins and users, that probably means Packager isn't picking up that it's meant to be targetting 2000 properly.

    I just loaded up Packager and packaged a 2005 database full of various users, which appeared to be generating 2000 syntax correctly when given an empty database on a SQL Server 2000 server on the right-hand side of the initial database chooser dialog.

    Could you tell me exactly how you are creating the pacakge and give more details on the problems you are encountering?
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