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I'm a fairly new user to SDC, I've seen some example screenshots of compares where after the initial compare there will be a summary, including "xx objects excluded from the comparison".

I've set up a comparison of a database that has been altered (the versions are about 5 days apart), and even though I have a good number of the tables unchecked when setting up the project, I never get any listed as 'excluded' after the initial compare. Furthermore, during the compare, I can see SDC stopping on and doing a compare on a large table that I've left unchecked.

What am I missing??



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    If I remember correctly, we removed the "objects excluded from comparison" section in version 6 of Data Compare - the thinking was that if you'd manually excluded them from your comparison, there wasn't any point taking up valuable screen space telling you about them.

    I can't think instantly of any reason why we should be comparing a table that was deselected - I'll check this out in more detail next week, but I think anything you exclude should just be ignored.

    Hope that helps,

    Robert Chipperfield
    Red Gate
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    ok, the screenshots I was looking at were from someone else, and perhaps an earlier version. That makes sense.

    appreciate the rapid response!
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