Using Network Shares (UNC) with domains

oscosc Posts: 6
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Background Details:
I just downloaded SQL Backup and attempted to backup a local database to a network share: \\BKPSHARE\Folder. The share is also mapped to the Z: drive.

The share currently has full access share rights to the following groups:

My domain username is PROD\osc and I am in the group PROD\Developers and I also have explicit full access to \\BKPSHARE\Folder

Description of Problem:
When I try to backup using SQL Backup to the location "\\BKPSHARE\Folder\test.sqb", I experience an error "Failed to create backup folder : \\BKPSHARE\Folder". Using Windows Explorer through a mapped drive or via \\BKPSHARE\Folder, I am able to create/delete/read files.

Is there anything I am missing or doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.



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