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I am wondering if there is such a thing as a free snapshot browser - or something that will open the snp files in a human readable fashion?

I like the interactive html for the changes, thats pretty sweet - something similar for the snps would be great. If I have missed this feature, sorry - please point me at it ;)




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    Unfortunately other than SQL Compare itself, I do not know of any other product that will read in snp files.

    A snapshot is a binary file containing information about the structure of a database, it does not contain any data.

    You may want to save a snapshot of a database so you can use it in a comparison project when you cannot connect to that database. For example you can use snapshots to compare databases on unconnected SQL servers.

    Snapshots cannot be updated, however you can compare a snapshot with a live database, the live database can be updated or synchronized with the snapshot.

    If you were to compare against a blank live database you would be able to see all the snapshot contents/database structure.
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  • Thanks. I was hoping you'd say 'Yes! Here is a link to our free snapshot browser, so you can distribute snapshots in a funky browsable manner'.

    Ah well, back to enterprise manager for that job then :(

  • Hi there,

    we do in fact have a free tool for comparing two snapshot files. It is called Scream! You can download it from our labs - more details at


    Tom Harris

    Red Gate Software
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