Generating SQL Data Script On ASPNET_* Tables When Not Asked

David HaydenDavid Hayden Posts: 5
edited May 18, 2006 12:30PM in SQL Packager Previous Versions
I had a weird problem with version 5.1 that I downloaded today.

SqlPackager kept generating a copy data script for a few of the aspnet_* tables even though I didn't include the tables to be copied and there were no dependencies on them.

Because I kept getting an error in the script when it tried to drop a constraint on an unwanted aspnet_* table in the data script, I decided to not copy any data at all and only the schemas. SqlPackager 5.1 still created an Sql Data Script for a few of the aspnet_* tables.

Finally, I just had to let the SqlPackager Sql Data script error out on the drop constraint of the aspnet_* table and use Sql Data Compare to copy the missing data.

Weird stuff...




  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Dave,

    Just out of curiosity, is this a database upgrade package, and if so, do these ASPNET_ tables exist in both databases, or just in the source database?

    The reason I ask is that older versions of Packager did not script the data when a table was missing from the second database in an upgrade package, just the schema. The data had to be done as part of a second package.

    So I wonder if the new bit of logic to copy data into newly-added tables is flawed because it's trying to copy the data regardless of whether or not you had actually chosen the table.
  • Brian,

    I was upgrading an existing database and the tables did exist in both databases.

    However, the aspnet_* tables at the source database did have data, but the aspnet_* tables at the destination database were empty.


  • Hi David,

    thanks for your post. We can't work out what's going on. Could you send us copies of your databases? If so, could you please send backups to [email protected]? That would be much appreciated.

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