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I'm new to using RedGate Deployment Manager, and I would like to change the naming convention standard for version numbers of deployment package feeds. Currently the standard is <mm>.<dd>.<HH>.<MM>. The <HH>.<MM> currently follows the 12 hour standard, so a version will have the timestamp 10.15 for a build at 10:15am as well as 10:15pm. How can this be changed to use 24 hour time? Also, we'd like to add the year into the version number. So for example, for a package feed built at 8/14/2014 at 10:15pm EST, the naming convention should be 2014. (or something similar). Is this possible?

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  • I'm afraid that the version number format you're requesting can't be supported by Deployment Manager, because we're constrained by NuGet package versioning requirements.

    Version numbers must have between 2 and 4 number parts, separated by '.'
    Optionally, they may have an additional string suffix, separated by a '-'. Note that this suffix must begin with a letter, not a digit.

    For example, the following version numbers are all valid:
    • 1.2
    • 1.2.3
    • 1.2-test
    • 1.2.3-beta
    While these are invalid:
    • 1 at least two numeric version parts must be provided
    • 1-foo as above
    • 1.2-0 Optional string suffix cannot start with a number

    As for how you change your version number source to use 24 hour time instead of 12 hour time - I'm afraid I don't know; Deployment Manager doesn't generate its own version numbers, so you'll have to configure whatever tool is generating the packages to use the right format.
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  • Thanks for the information Mike. That was helpful. Are there any limitations to the version numbers, so long as they conform to the standard you specified? For example, can I do this: 2014.08.01.1300 (8/1/2014 at 1pm)?
  • That would be fine. Each version number segment can be anything from 0 to 2147483647 (i.e. the maximum signed 32 bit value!)
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  • Perfect! Thanks Mike!
  • Hi Mike,

    One more follow up question about this matter:

    Can there be '.' in the version number segment after the '-'?

    So for example, can the version number follow a standard of '2014.08.25.0900-Release.P3?

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