No sync script actions to remove with grant option from role

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Just a note that when the "With grant option" is in the right pane, the deployment script does not perform any action and cannot sync.



Perhaps this is also an issue within SQL Server itself because for the case I was testing the grant option is not honored anyway.


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    Thanks for your post.

    I tried setting up a replication of this myself, and the output script contains the following (which I'm hoping is correct?)

    PRINT N'Altering permissions on [dbo].[WidgetPrices]'
    REVOKE GRANT OPTION FOR DELETE ON  [dbo].[WidgetPrices] TO [testrole] CASCADE

    What version of SQL Compare are you working with? Also, have you got the option selected to "Ignore permissions" by any chance?
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  • Its probably possible to replicate it more than one way. What if start just enter "left side" text for Database A and "right side" text for Database B as shown from the example? Those both appear to be legal grants. The way you listed may work as well but I'm not familiar with cascade.

    I do not have Ignore Permissions or User's permissions and role memberships selected.

    ( I may not be able to help much more on this issue right now... )
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    The with cascade bit is just how Compare scripted out the difference- the key point is that it *did* script it out though. If you're able to confirm the exact version you're running, and even better supply snapshots of the two DBs (from File > Create Snapshots) that would be great (send them to [email protected] with F0072014 in the subject line) - but if you've not got time to investigate further right now, that's no problem.
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