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Restore to a database once it is brought online?

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Hello -

Say I have a Full backup of a database. I restore the Full backup, and have a series of Differential backups done against it since the Full. Now - the Full was restored to a different server and instance on another machine, and did not have the standby or offline options specified when it was restored (it was just brought up online like you would if you wanted to just get it in place and go). No changes were made to it from the restore - it's just there for review.

Is there any way to restore the additional Differential backups to that database that were taken from it after the Full? Or is it that once it is online - that's it?

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    peteypetey Posts: 2,358 New member
    once it is online - that's it?
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    We do this all the time. To save processing time, resources and space for certain largish databases they create the full and then a series of differentials. We then get requested to take these backups and copy to another server and then overwrite an original DB with the full and a certain differential. You just have to remember that the full has a with NORECOVERY and the differential has with RECOVERY.


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