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Click on server name, green circle spins forever

paule123paule123 Posts: 44
edited November 7, 2013 4:25AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Just upgraded from 6.5 to Had this problem in 6.5 too. Click on the server name, and the little green circle spins forever. Nothing appears in the Activity History, even though I know jobs are running at their scheduled time. I used to be able to clear this problem by closing the application and restarting, but now it seems to be persisting even after closing/opening the app.

Update: Went to dinner, came back after a couple hours and the Activity history is populated, however when I scroll down to look at earlier activity the bars are blank until I click on them, then eventually the info fills in. Note that I have activity history for multiple databases going back to 2009, so there are thousands of completed jobs in the history. The GUI needs some work in this situation.


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    Hi Paule123;

    I'm a developer on the SQL Backup UI; thanks for leaving feedback.

    We're aware that a number of users of the UI have seen performance issues in areas particularly relating to activity history; we've done some investigation work, but unfortunately, these issues are proving hard to replicate in an artificial test environment, and my suspicion is that many of them are down to a combination of the UI's update mechanism, quantity of data and the environment in which both the UI and server is running. The work is ongoing, however, and it would really help if you could answer a couple of questions - feel free to send me a private message or email me at chris.whitworth@red-gate.com if you'd rather not answer these publicly.

    1) Could you describe your setup? (SQL Server version, CPU, memory, disc space, number of DBs, backup frequency, etc). In particular, how my entries in the activity history (approximately) would you say there are, and how many new entries per day are added?

    2) How often would you typically launch the UI? And does the problem occur every single time you launch the UI, or only if it hasn't been run for a while?
    2a) In particular, after you left the UI running over dinner, did the same problem recur the next time you opened the UI, or was it more responsive on subsequent occasions?

    3) Do you run the UI on the same machine as the SQL Server instance, or on a different machine?

    4) If they're running on the same machine, is the user profile (in particular, the AppData directory) of the user running the UI stored on the same storage device as the SQL Server database files or SQL Server instance?

    5) Is/are your SQL Server(s) particularly heavily loaded, either in terms of CPU or IO? (or would they typically be so when running the UI?)

    Thanks very much;

    Software Engineer
    Red Gate Software
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    tleblanctleblanc Posts: 17 Bronze 2
    I'm running into the same problem. in looking at the SQL activity monitor I see this query from my workstation just sitting and spinning:
    master..sqbdata 'SELECT * FROM backuphistory WHERE id > 0  OR id IN ( SELECT backup_id FROM restorehistory WHERE id > 0  AND restore_type=''V'')'

    Aside from the problem, is there any way to view the job's history?
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    This is an old thread, but I have the same kind of situation with one of our servers that has 86 databases on it. If I close and reopen SQL Backup UI a couple of times it eventually displays the activity history, but it takes a while. It seems like maybe it should display the top 100 records quickly, then try to load the rest in the background or something.

    Any news on this?

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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    It's not really about the amount of backup history as it is the process of creating "timeline" objects.

    The best advice I give customers is to disable the timeline - that will leave you with the backup history, but the graphical display showing the times backups are predicted to run will not be populated.

    You can create the registry key (the final bit should be a DWORD)
    HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Red Gate\SQLBackup\Client\DisableTimelineItemRequests

    and setting the value to "1"
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    Thanks for the prompt response. I will try that when I get a chance.

    I have to say that does seem a slightly heavy-handed approach. That basically disables part of the selling points of SQL Backup. To check if everything succeeded, I have to click on each server seperately and look for any failures - which requires some scrolling for the servers I have 15min transaction log backups on (unless there is another way to look at all the backup history at once that I don't know of). Also, the first page of the timeline actually displays quickly (sometimes) but the activity doesn't load. Is the whole timeline attempting to load or something? The other servers only load a day or two initially as well but their activity history shows up quickly.


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    In case anybody else comes across this thread, the solution that actually worked for me was to select the Delete Old Backup History in the Server Options dialog (right-click the server name to access). Once I selected that and set a number of days, it took a lot less time for Redgate to show the timeline and activity history correctly.
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    I am having exactly the same issue. However I dont want to set that option to remove the Old Backup History (I need to keep the history for compliance reasons). I can wait over 30 minutes for the activity history for a given server/database to be displayed.

    I have a second issue (that I imagine is related). When I want to restore a backup and I use the "Select from backup history" option, it will take several hours (!!) to display the history for a given database.

    My backup schedule for all of my databases (aside from the system DBs which only have daily FULLs) is :

    Daily FULL
    Daily DIFF (at a 12 hour interval different from the FULL)
    30 minute LOG

    This problem is making the UI for restoration based on backup history effectivelyt unusable for me. And not being able to see the backup history from the console (unless I wait the 30 mins +) is also annoying.
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    Is there any updates to this issue? I am still experiencing it with 7.4 release. It is very frustrating.
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    rrerre Posts: 42 Bronze 2
    I just want to know if there is already another solution excluding deleting the old backup history?

    I have seen the same query running for hours (may be more, but I stop it after 2h) what tleblanc mentioned.

    It would be very nice to find a way that the GUI is working again as expected.
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