SSC Won't Link to remote Subversion Source

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Well, this was all working last week and now when I go to link a database to my remote Subversion source control, the progress window sits at 10% and never moves. I have an existing database already linked to a different location on my remote Subversion server and when I click on Get Latest, it works fine.

The branch that I am trying to connect to is in a different folder but I've connected to it before. Is there something cached or something else I can do to fix this? I need to be able to link to this other branch.



  • Never mind...after 15 minutes it finally connected and linked. This is with 2.2. Are there any plans to improve performance with large databases in 3.x??
  • Many thanks for your post.

    Here is the link to release notes for version 3.0 click here

    Hope this answers your question.
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  • I replied to an older thread, but I am using SSC and am running into a problem with linking.

    from the other thread (sorry about the double post)
    I have a local instance that was linked to a path in a subversion repository. After committing the changes in to this branch, I unlink and pointed it to a different location. When starting, it gets stuck at 10% and goes no further.

    note: I had originally pointed the link to trunk, because I had used sql compare to bring down all the differences between our production db and my local instance. Then I committed these into trunk for a starting point.
    Then I branched this into a new branch. This new branch is what I am trying to link to.
  • Can I check which version of SQL Source Control you've got installed? In the most recent version ( we fixed an issue that made linking databases take much longer than it should have - if you're not using that version, can you try updating and let me know if it's still an issue?
    Andy Campbell Smith

    Red Gate Technical Support Engineer
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