Async() calls end up with different value under profiler

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edited February 23, 2014 6:49AM in ANTS Performance Profiler 8
I am trying out ANTS Performance Profiler 8.5 to help us determine the actual execution time of async methods, inclusive of the awaiting time spent for other simultaneous awaitable tasks.

Our WCF/IIS web service has always been functioning correctly, whereby within service operations we execute like

var tokenTask = repo.GetAsync(identity);
// identity is a long Int64
// ...
// ...

var resultObj = await tokenTask;

The value of identity is passed in via a custom HTTP request header, which it is able to pick up properly. But when value gets passed into GetAsync(), it ends up as something else. E.g. 4 becomes 2

This is very strange and I cannot comprehend what is going on that causes this? It works as expected (value 4 gets passed into method) when not operating under the profiler.


  • Hmmm, seems like the problem is due to the web application project using Visual Studio Development Server as the web server.

    After changing to use IIS Express it seems to be proper now...
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