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Our compoany works with WPF and VB.Net, and we're having a error with an x:static resource after obfuscation.
We're using a shared/static property of a class to define a Text of a TextBlock.

The XAML code where the error is (we got that its this line cause if we remove it the error goes away):
<TextBlock Name="Pesquisa_1" >
		<x:Static Member="S9_ProdServ:Classe_ProdServ_Configuracoes.PESQUISA_1_Compartilhada" />

And the class that has the property is:
    Public Shared ReadOnly Property PESQUISA_1_Compartilhada As String
            Return "Ps1"
        End Get
    End Property

Error: Provide value on 'MS.Internal.Markup.StaticExtension'threw an expcetion.

I already tried to change the way it access the static property, put it on a resource, but it into a binding... But with no sucess.

How can i solve this problem?

Thank you in advance. [/code]


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