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I'm looking at building an application that connects to a database on the internet and updates the local copy of the database via a click of a button. Is SQL Packager able to do that? If so, are there samples? I know that it can generate .NET code and projects and run via command line. What I want is to integrate it as part of our application so that as far as the user is concerned, updating of their data would be seemless.

Is this possible? Thanks!


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Unfortunately, we do not have a code sample for this sort of thing. It could probably be done if you can have a SQL connection (port 1433) between the internet database and the user's database. Otherwise you could not get the schema and data of both databases to be compared.

    If that were possible, you could use the command-line version of packager or the SDK to build an executable on the fly at the web server and deploy it to the client with clickonce. As I said, though, I haven't tried it myself. Some Packager fans have used clickonce deployment, though -- I think there is a forum topic or two about it.
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