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We are using a licensed version of Ants. We would like to put some queries so it can help us in better understanding the tool.

I would like to expain what process we have used for analysis in selecting the method on execution.

1.We have installed ANTS on the teminal server(Windows 2000 server) and used the tool from the server. We have added the performance counter of the same server.Note we are accessing the application from a client machine. On execution we can say an application passed for 1100 and failed for 1200.

2. We tried to access the same application using two terminal server using two clients adding the performance counter of the terminal one on both clients and tried to stress the application. Say above said same application passes for 400 users and fails for 500 users. We would like you to explain why this variation occurs on the same application while we use two clients.

Can you please suggest us the best way to follow so we can get the exact results.




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    Hello Vijay,

    Let me see if I understand this correctly: you are running the ANTS software on the same server as the web server, using terminal services. If you are trying to run two copies of ANTS Load on the same terminal server, even from two different clients on two different terminal server sessions, this should not even work. ANTS Load should tell you 'a copy of ANTS is already running on the second session. Have I misunderstood?
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