Adventure Works 2008 scripted to script folder and compared

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Hi, Is it possible that after scrpting the live database to scirpt folder (SQL Server 2008) and recomparing the live db with that script folder i get the result that some stored procedures are missing in script folder?
Maybe I have left smt.


  • I have been using SQL Compare 7.1
  • I've seen this happen occasionally - if your stored procedures actually have invalid / outdated syntax in them, and sometimes if they refer to objects which have subsequantly been deleted, they won't read back in from the script folder.

    The script folder should contain the missing stored procedures if you go and look at it on disk. If those stored procedures wouldn't be able to be created in your database as it currently stands, SQL Compare might be missing them out when it reads in the script folder.

    In the next version there will be a much clearer display of what's wrong with any stored procedures that we can't read in from script folders. For now you can turn on logging from the 'icon' menu (the right-click menu for the icon in the top-left of the main program window) and have a look in the log that's created when the script folder is registered, which should give you more idea where the problem might be located.

    It might be that our parser is failing to parse actually valid stored procedures - if you think this is happening after taking the steps above, please give us more information about the stored procedures in question (ideally a snapshot / the script folder / a backup of the entire troublesome database sent to [email protected] or [email protected] referencing this forum thread, but we understand this isn't always possible) and we'll look into it.
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