Command Line Script File syntax limiation.

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In a group development/support environment I've setup a series of Command Line scripts + XML configuration files to report on the differences between database (SQL Compare). One of the problems I have is that each developer has a different locations (source control working directory) for these scripts and hence the paths in the SQLCompare command line XML file need to be relative.

If I try to have a path like the following


I get an error, about path being inappropriate ("..\" specifically). The aim was to have all the *problem* files report to a folder above where the SQLCompare.exe, *.bat and *.xml configuration files reside.

Its a bit of a limitation at the moment, might this be changed in a future edition or am I going to have to "program" the SQLCompare API to resolve the problem?
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  • Thank you for your post.

    I wasn't sure whether the relative path would work or not but it worked for me when I gave it a go.

    If you could provide more information on your environment and how your scripts are called then we might be to work out why this isn't working for you.
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