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I wonder how to resolve issues from command line. When using Schema Compare for Oracle UI, when creating script we can specify values for not null columns. How can we do it in command line?

Here's an example : 

Issue:       InsertNotNull: test.table.column1
Resolutions: AllowNull,SpecifyValue,Ignore
Resolution:  Ignore
             Deployment could fail; you might have to edit the script before running it

What would be the syntax in command line?

C:\"Program Files\Red Gate\Schema Compare for Oracle 5\sco.exe" `
/resolve:"InsertNotNull: test.table.column1":"SpecifyValue:someText"


  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 527 Rose Gold 4
    The only option that you can use to resolve that issue in the command line tool is AllowNull

    Besides using the UI, you can also use Redgate Change Control, you'd need to edit the scripts in a similar way but you'd be able to deploy them automatically using Flyway.
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  • TwistyTwisty Posts: 3 New member
    Thanks for the answer, we had a similar approach where our pipeline failed in those situation. A dev would look at the log output and create pre scripts to run with flyway before doing a schema compare. Is the /resolve will evolve with those kind of dynamic adjustement in the near future? Is there somewhere I can create a ticket to have this kind of feature?
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    @Twisty - Our recommendation here is to use migrations-based deployments, rather than state-based deployments. The ability to dynamically calculate the right script has limitations (one of which you've hit) and therefore adopting a solution where you can customize the scripts as you want them allows all such issues to be resolved. Is there a reason why you wouldn't be able to use migrations-based deployments? 

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  • TwistyTwisty Posts: 3 New member
    In our case I don't think we can apply migrations-based deployment, but we did find a solution to solve our issues, thanks for the answer
  • @Twisty - great to hear. What was the solution you ended up using?

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