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Extending Baseline Capability

slimshakyslimshaky Posts: 13 New member
I have looked at the baseline capability offered on the SQL Monitor overview page, and it is useful. However, my manager is asking for me to provide him with some more expansive baseline reports, and I'm wondering if/how SQL Monitor could help me with that. As I understand it, he will want more than just the 4 metrics displayed on the overview baseline chart (although the exact metrics are not yet defined). Also, he would like us to be able to go back further in the past, so that we could look at something like a year ago to say whether we are seeing a similar or changed trend for 3:00pm on a Friday (as an example). 
Could SQL Monitor be used to provide us with reporting like this? Even if we had to create our own charts based on a data dump provided by SQL Monitor, that would work. I see that there is a broader list of metrics on the Analysis tab.


  • slimshakyslimshaky Posts: 13 New member
    After further digging, I see that the Analysis tab also has baselining capabilities and that we could end up sending periodic reports based on the analysis metrics. I'm going to check further with my manager to see if either of these approaches could be sufficient to meet our needs.
  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,044 Diamond 4
    Hi @slimshaky,

    As you have seen, on the Analysis tab you can modify the time frame, and go back in time to older time periods (how old depend on your purge settings) and it also has the baseline functionality to compare against a baseline of a period of time prior to the current graph.

    The baseline portion is not yet available in the reports, but this SQL Monitor uservoice suggestion is related to adding that.  You are still able to send scheduled reports for a specific time period, it just does not have the baseline added to it.

    The links for the analysis graphs store the state, so if you create the graph that shows what you want on the Analysis graph page you can copy the URL and send that so someone else can see the same thing.

    I hope that helps!

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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