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Problem when grouping by namespace

I've been using the group by namespace feature to allow me to quickly get to the items I'm interested in via the class list. But ...

When I find and expand the child namespace I'm interested in then sure enough I see the classes I want. Now I select one of them and I briefly see the class reference explorer and instance list for the item before the namespace field next to the "Group by namespace" checkbox is cleared and the view jumps to the top of the class list. This happens every time and it starts out being a little annoying, but quickly grows in intensity.

I can scroll down the list to find the item I want - it is still selected, in the sense that the icons are still shown for that item and I can now select them, but it quickly becomes a pain to do this all the time.

If I type the full namespace, which has the form NSa.NSb.NSc, then the only change is that I can re-select that namespace and go straight back to the class I'm interested in. But (again with the buts), in our case NSa.NSb has about 30 child namespaces and I'm reluctant to clutter up the namespace selector with them and it only makes it quicker to recover from the problem. If I select another class the view jumps again making browsing through the list very annoying.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that there is a good reason for this behaviour, but I can't figure it out. Is it by design or is a bug?

As a supplementary question - is there any way to remove a mis-typed namespace from the namespace selector without going to the registry and editing the find key?



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    Hi David,

    just to clarify the first set of actions so we are definitely on the same page:

    - take a snapshot
    - group by namespace in the Class list
    - expand a namespace until you find the class you are interested in
    - create a Class Reference Graph for it
    - go to the Instance list from one of the links in a node (or just jump to the instance list)
    - Switch back to the Class List and the 'Group by Namespace' has been cleared

    If i've followed it correctly i don't get the clearing of the checkbox. It takes me back to exactly the same place before I first left the Class List. The checkbox is still checked and the class for which i created the reference graph for is still selected.

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    - take a snapshot
    - group by namespace in the Class list
    - expand a namespace until I find the class I'm interested in
    - select the class in the list
    ---- icons for class reference explorer and instance list appear on the selected line
    ---- namespace field is cleared and view "jumps" to start of list

    From your description it seems that you are not getting the problem since we diverge at step 4. I don't know if it's relevant, but my first snapshot doesn't have classes from the namespace I'm interested in. I perform an application action to get some instances from that namespace and then take another snapshot.

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    We have this in our system and we will be releasing a V5.2 at some point in the near future where this will most likely be fixed.

    Sorry for the inconvenience at the moment and I'll update the post when the build/fix is released.

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    It helps to know I'm not alone!

    Actually, something related that I noticed - if you select a namespace, go to the end and start deleting, each time you hit the backspace key a new "namespace" is added to the list.

    For example, when I started with a namespace of the form "RootNamespace.ChildNamespace" in the box and started deleting from the end I got a list with entries:
    These entries also get stored in the registry.

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