SQL Refactor 1.5 Latest Cumulative Patch

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Patch to Red Gate SQL Refactor - 6 August 2010
This build of SQL Refactor should address the following issues in SQL Refactor 1.4:

SR-711 Qualify Object Names causes invalid SQL in UPDATE Statement
SR-859 Crash on SQL Server 2008 R2 (Aug 09 CTP)
SR-846 When using "Qualify Object Names" adds square brackets arround wildcard
SR-862 Doesn't work on SQL2008 R2
SR-864 Dropping values from renamed columns
SR-842 Smart Rename & Split Table menu items displayed multiple times.
SR-866 Incorrect columns being renamed in stored procedures
SR-887 Cannot expand the wildcard error : Syntax error
SR-897 Smart rename fails after changing schema name of view

As well as a bug with smart rename that caused objects to be dropped and recreated rather than renamed.

ftp://support.red-gate.com/Patches/SQL_ ... _Patch.zip

Note: This patch has not completed the full release test cycle, so no guarantees are expressed or implied.
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