SQL Data Compare 8.1 has been released

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SQL Data Compare 8.1 has been released. (12 April 2010)

8.1 is a maintenance release that fixes the following issues in SQL Data Compare 8.0.2:

SDC-1022 Project window does not persist previously-used project dropdown
SDC-1025 SDC drops foreign keys from unsynchronized tables
SDC-1029 Reseed identity reseeds columns that aren't included for sync
SDC-1039 Can not Maximise Project Configuration
SDC-1048 Red X when recomparing after sync
SDC-1049 use SHIFT and space to select all columns to set a custom comparison key
SDC-1052 Setting a default location for csv reports
SDC-1050 @pv variable is declared outside of transactions when split transactions are used]
SDC-1069 Engine compares all tables through the command line when specific table has been selected
SDC-1071 Comparing Backup: Data is NULL
SDC-1073 Invalid VARCHAR(-1) in script when SDC needs to cast a VARCHAR(MAX)
SDC-1074 NullReferenceException in command line when comparing dbs with tables that exist only in one
SDC-1075 Ability to resize the New project dialog
SDC-1054 Data Compare seems to lock up when clicking the Edit and Refresh buttons
SDC-1076 Project file forgets selected synchronization objects
SDC-1068 Cast to varbinary(max) issue when using user defined types in SQL 2000
SDC-1023 Column sorting on comparison grid no longer working
SDC-1080 Change Different to All Different in Comparison Results.
SDC-1077 Add vertical lines to comparison results grid
SDC-1044 Users like the ability to get to missing/different/additional without having to click the preview panel
SDC-1023 Column sorting on comparison grid no longer working
SDC-1086 SDC Command line bug: Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
SDC-1038 Doesn't remember which monitor it was last opened on.
SDC-1043 Change reseed behaviour - disable this by default
SDC-1045 No Progress Executing SQL
SDC-1089 Error when reading backup file; The DateTime represented by the string is not supported in the calendar System.Globalization.GregorianCalendar
SDC-1088 All objects compared when using project file from command line.
SDC-1092 NullReferenceException refreshing 'Tables & Views' after canceled comparison.
SDC-1093 Right-click context menu for .sdc file needs to be consistent with .scp file
SDC-1098 New Format CSV files are not being properly overwritten using /force switch
SDC-1099 Object reference not set to an instance of an object: Command Line (2)
SDC-1100 Unable to compare objects with \[..\] surrounding the identifier (patch version only)

Plus: Fix for crash on start up when using high contrast mode.

SDC-838 Export to CSV should remove the unnecessary columns from a file.

To get this update, please use the Check for Updates option available from the Help menu in the application.

If you have found this page by following a link to a support patch, then the fix is included in this fully tested release.


  • It seems that SQL Data Compate 8.1 doesn't connect to SQL Azure databases. It shows an error message when trying to connect that says, "Could not find stored procedure 'sp_dbcmptlevel'"

    Any idea when this may be fixed? Or, am I incorrect in assuming that you support SQL Azure?
    Chris Pietschmann
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Platform
  • We will be supporting this officially in the next major release. In the meantime you can sign up for the early access program at www.red-gate.com/Azure

    We'll direct you to a beta version of our SQL Azure tools.

    David Atkinson
    Red Gate Software
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
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