SQL Agent not running... but it is

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I am currently trialing SQL Response with five of our SQL Servers. One one of the servers I am getting the alert "SQL Agent not running". This appears to be occuring once or twice a day but with no specific regularity. Neither does this occur when jobs are due to start or end.

The thing is that the service is running at the time the alert is generated. I have checked all the log files (Windows, SQL Server, SQL Server Agent) and there is no mention of it stopping or starting or even having an error. Everything looks like it is running perfectly.

Any ideas?


  • Thanks for your enquiry.

    I personally haven't seen this happen before, so it's not a common issue with SQL Response.

    When SQL Response triggers an alert, the alert will remain until it is manually cleared by the user.

    Could it be that the alert was triggered, but it was never cleared? (right-click > Clear alert)
  • I had cleared all alerts the day before and then I got to work the following morning and the agent not running was there.

    I haven't had this happen again recently so I am going to put it down to a "glitch" and just keep an eye on it for now.
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