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Interleave Test Data

AndrewBAAndrewBA Posts: 17
I have successfully loaded data into a few databases using the trial version of SQL Data Generator ( and would like to interleave the generated data with known test data. For example;

1. Load known test data set a
2. Generate 1000 rows of test data using SQL Data Generator
3. Load known test data set b
4. Generate another 1000 rows of test data using SQL Data Generator
5. Load known test data set c

So far, when I use SQL Data Generator to load the table, it wipes out the existing data and in the example above leaves me with just items 4 and 5 - the last set of generated data and my data set c.

Does anyone know whether it is possible to interleave the data as per my example?


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    Just a follow up to this as it was dealt with via a private support call. Andrew wished to have leave existing data in a database and then populate additional data into those tables. This can be done by ensuring that the "Delete data from table before generation" button is unchecked, and this button can be found when you are looking at the particular table in question you are populating data for.

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