Ants profiler not profiling wcf


We are trying to use ANTS profiler for profiling the wcf service,but profiler stops at the point where wcf method call is made.

I want that methods within wcf service should be profiled as well.

E.g. if WCF exposes function ABC() which in turn call fucntions:
ABC1() and ABC2 ().

Then profiling should be done on ABC,ABC1() and ABC2().

I followed the steps mentioned at following link: ... %20IIS.pdf

Can anyone let me know the steps on how to do so?



  • You will get results for all method calls (except when there is a managed to unmanaged transtion, of course).

    Make sure you have looked at the "method view" grid (the tiny, middle button at the bottom- above the source code view if its active)

    But. we have found some occasions where some methods seem to get missed out but this is solved by using the line-level ("most detail") profiling mode.
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