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Slow scrolling in SQL Server Management Studio

davidbarkerdavidbarker Posts: 5
edited October 15, 2010 4:12AM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I have a fairly complex script (approx 2,500 lines, with several table variables, using some wide tables & views, ie 400 columns plus, and with large sections commented out)

If I have SQL Prompt 4 enabled, then scrolling up and down (using the up & down arrow keys) slows considerably - down to maybe 2 lines per second. If I type anything, then nothing appears until I pause for about a second. Selecting any text using the arrow keys is very slow. Selecting using the mouse however works normally, as does PageUp and PageDown. If I look at the Task Manager, I notice that the SqlWb.exe process takes 50% of my CPU when scrolling up or down (on a dual CPU machine).

This makes editing the script very difficult.

If I disable SQLPrompt, then scrolling returns to about 15 lines per second and typing appears immediately. CPU usage drops to 40% when scrolling down, and 15% when scrolling up.

I am using SQL Prompt Pro v4.0.2.53, SQL Server 2005 and XP Pro.


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